Visual Exercise 1.1-Workflow and Creative Techniques

Visual Exercise 1.1-Workflow and Creative Techniques

Image With Long Shutter Speed

my objective here was to produce a photograph where the subject matter displays evidence of movement (blurring). I decided that street traffic would be the most accessible and that shooting at night would give the best contrast to highlight the traffics movement from one place to another.

With low light at night a slow shutter speed increased the light hitting the censor helping record more detail as well as capturing the movement of the traffic. I kept my ISO down at 100 to keep a crisp image and my aperture high at f/20 to record the full frame of detail. I used a number of shutter speeds and apertures to get the correct image but ended up with a 4 second shutter speed as longer shutter speeds where making the traffic non existent in the frame only the cars lights where visible. Here some of the bus is visible enough to presume it is a bus moving through the shot.


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